Pediatric Dynamic Hip Splint - ( One Size ) Birth to One Year - Orthosis

Product Description:



• Treats congenital hip dysplasia

• Most effective for initial treatment of acetabular remodeling of stable non-dislocated hip

• Dynamic hinge permits rotation and abduction between 30º and 80º

• Adjust for growth

• Maintains hip flexion greater than 90º

• Does not inhibit diaper/nappy change





 - Polyethylene with foam-padded edges 


 - Stainless steel  abduction bar


 - Hook and Pile closures



Model 119   -  One size fits Birth to One Year






waistband           11 - 20" ( 28 - 51 cm )


Thigh Cuff           8  - 11"  ( 20 - 28 cm )


Abduction Bar    5  3/4  - 8  3/4 "  ( 14.5 - 22 cm)


Descripto Cards — Advanced:

for Functional Language and Cognition


  • Descripto Cards—Advanced: for Functional Language and Cognition is a set of  image cards that teach vocabulary and recognition skills. 

  • They also provide cognitive and language building activities. 

  • The categories provide targeted and structure activity regimens for users with language and cognitive impairments.

  • Comes with a 72-page guide, 187 color photographs, 20 black-and-white images, 88 vocabulary cards, 13 reproducible record-keeping forms, tabbed divider cards and storage box

  • Photo cards are separated into 7 categories: single-object photos, object and location, object and action, object and complex location, sequencing, reasoning and, problem solving

  • Categories each come with precision goals and 24 recording forms

The Original Home Gyms Bodyblade Pro Kit

Product Description



  • Smooth and variable resistive workout. 

  • Automatically adjusts to the fitness level of the user. 

  • Challenges every major muscle group.


Includes: Bodyblade Pro  , DVD and Exercise Wall ChartThe original and authentic Bodyblade created by physical therapist Bruce Hymanson.An advanced performance training and conditioning tool 10 minutes a day for a complete strength workout. Additional resistance for power training yet suitable for all adults.Lightweight and portable - travels anywhere. Weight: 2.6 lbs Length: 5 feet.



Bodyblade is unlike any other piece of exercise equipment on the market today due to the scientific application of low level vibration and inertia. 

Bodyblade rapidly changes directions at a rhythm of 4.5 cycles per second, which translates to your body reacting 270 times per minute to resist the forces of the blade moving back and forth. What this means is that your body becomes the machine and the Bodyblade becomes your exercise partner. The harder you push and pull on the blade, the greater the oscillation or flex in the blade, which requires greater force output from you to neutralize the speed and movement of the blade. You have to start, stop and change directions of your own body while controlling your mass. 

This wonderful equalizer automatically adjusts to each one of us. The same blade in the hands of two different people will produce a workout perfectly matched to the individuals size, strength and muscle endurance. 

Bodyblade pioneered vibration and inertia training in 1991. With its innovative design, it was created to address the deep dynamic stabilizers of the spine and to provide a stable platform for all other rehabilitation, sport performance training, fitness enhancement and personal training regimen, resulting in improved wellness, function and muscle definition.


Dimension: 3.46 x 62.32 x 5.39 inchs., Weight: 4.8lbs.


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